Project Crew

We are the Judson's and our favorite thing to tell folks who are visiting us is "Martha Stewart doesn't live here". Meaning, we're not perfect, our house isn't perfect and we like it that way. Actually, imperfect suits us just fine. You may find a dust bunny (literally dust the size of a bunny), a scuff, a spot, whatever. Just don't look too hard and you'll be fine.

Our adventure began 13 years ago when we first met and it's been a great story ever since. That's something else we tend to say a lot "there is always a story". We have two kids guessed it...are also imperfect, but t-totally loved. Our friends are crazy and our families are even crazier. What doesn't kill us makes us stronger. Right?!

Amy has a love for DIY blogs, great ideas, furniture, look good stuff and generally fixing up our house. She is also very social and loves to run her mouth. Be careful if you talk to her, you may make a connection like that Kevin Bacon game. Jason is crazy handy (all the ladies in the neighborhood are way jealous). He comes from a lineage of building and construction and he is an electrical design guy himself. If it's broken - he can fix it, if it needs to be installed - he can do it. He can actually watch a YouTube video and learn something in minutes. It's disgusting and awesome at the same time.

Our plan is to spotlight some of our personal home projects, implement ideas we spot on other great blogs and find furniture pieces in need of some TLC and send them back out into the world with loving new owners. We're not sure yet where this blog will take us, but keep coming back and we'll do our best to make sure there's something here for you.