August 3, 2011

{We must start somewhere} Huge Roadside Mirror

Okay. We're diving in! As we work to finish up a new project {the project we attribute as the inspiration for this entire new endeavor - more to come} we decided that we have many past projects that we can pull from to get this thang kicked off.

The amazing part is, we actually have pictures! Good thing I take random shots and save them. Don't laugh or pick at the quality of said photos {or don't admit it}, I'll never claim to be a photographer with a grand camera....well, not today anyway.

Soooo, not too awful long ago we found this big ole' mirror sitting in someone's front yard with a 'For Sale' sign on it. Initially, my friend Erin pointed it out and Jason and I went back and got it for her. Alas, she really didn't like it so it became ours. I'm pretty sure it weighs about that of a baby elephant!

Unfortunately, my crystal ball was broken and I couldn't foresee that we'd one day use these pics and projects to build a super fab DIY blog, therefore, I don't have an actual before-before. This will have to do. As you can was fugly. It had this funky metallic thing going on and looked like someone had attempted to paint it themselves. Blech!

So, we pulled out the saw horses, taped it all up and grabbed our spray paint. {I wish I could remember what color} I was surprised by how much paint it took, ohmygoodness.

Here's a "during" shot, but we actually changed up the color after this coat.

Now, here's a shot of our living room wall way BEFORE the elephant mirror entered our lives. I think I just generally lacked inspiration for some reason.

And here is the wall AFTER the elephant mirror.....

MUCH better {I hope you agree}. Once we got the antique white mirror hung without the sheet rock falling off the wall from the weight and felt safe that it wouldn't fall on our heads and kill us instantly, we decided it was a bit stark, so....Jason being the clever guy he is, added a little bit of Minwax Mahogany stain with a rag to the corners and crevices. Just what it needed! That's why he's 'The Man'.

Whew! That beast is tied up! I mean the first real blog post, not the mirror...although we were glad to have that done as well so I could get my car back in the garage. Now it's out in the elements again as our new project sits in it's place.

Thanks for supporting our new adventure and I hope you'll visit us hourly a lot more. Oh! and PLEASE, please leave us a comment or ten. We're feeling a little vulnerable right now. Thanks!


  1. I love a big framed mirror in a living room! My mom always kept one over the fireplace mantel. A good living room needs a framed mirror! Good luck with the blog and your projects! I look forward to following along!

  2. Yay! Elizabeth!! Thanks for the love girl!

  3. Okay guys are AWESOME!! Keep up the great work, so I can become inspired and try to recreate your masterpieces!! We have a similar gold mirror that was passed down from family, and I'm not a huge fan of it right now. I never thought about painting it! I'm impressed with your mirror tranformation. I can't wait to see some "projects for sale"!! :)

  4. We also have a ginormous fugly gold mirror that could use some love. I might just be inspired to break out the spray paint!