August 7, 2011

Project One: The Dresser

It's done! We're as happy as birds with a french fry {I saw that on Pinterest}. Anyhoo, our first "official" project has been completed and we're glad to have it out of the garage and placed happily at my office.

It started back in July when we went to the beach on vacation. Even while traveling I can sniff out a thrifty deal! We found this dresser at the Habitat Restore and they only wanted $15 for it!! Needless to say, we immediately loaded it up {luckily we traveled in the truck}. We picked it up on Monday and it rode around in our truck for the entire week of our trip. We're serious about a great deal.

For the most part it was in great shape. The backing was warped, two drawer bottoms needed replacing and the center cabinet door was broken....nothing that couldn't be fixed. Focus on the potential of the imperfect!

Here's the work getting started. Because there were some pretty deep gouges and scrapes, we decided to go with it and used chain to distress the top even more.

Now, our first "whoopsie" was our decision to stain it versus painting. Put simply....I HATED it. So we painted it instead. The worst part was going through all the trouble of sanding and prepping it for stain, only to use paint. Oh and learn.

Here's a shot of it being primed {Zinsser BIN - awesomely quick drying} to cover up the stain. We had our primer tinted gray for ease in covering.

So, with the backing replaced, the drawer bottoms replaced and several other fix-it's taken care of....we added new pulls that we picked up in a contractors pack at Lowe's. I wanted to use the pretty clear acrylic knobs, but at $6 each, I couldn't justify the expense for a $15 piece of furniture. I did pick out a super pretty knob for the center door.

 Can I just say....I LOVE IT!!! It looks amazing in it's new space.

What do you think??!


  1. Holy moly! This is amazing! Good job! It looks amazing!

  2. FABULOUS! I absolutely love it! This makes me want to tackle a project like this, but I'm too nervous and I have a hard time seeing the hidden potential in items.

  3. BreAna - Thanks for the compliment! That made our day. We're trying to get this blog thing started so it's cool that you found us. :) As for tackling projects....we're "just do it" people. We're never quite sure how it's going to turn out and there are usually several changes midway (as this one had),'s only paint! Just jump in there girl! We'll be working on more and more pieces so follow us and maybe you'll see something that gives you that push.

  4. Frida15/8/11

    Amy, I love the looks awesome...but i double love your red polka dots chair next to it...where did u get that?

  5. The dresser turned out have such vision! And I {heart} the red polkie chair!!

  6. The red dottie chair is pretty awesome...I can't take credit for that though! My boss actually recovered that herself several years ago and I get the pleasure of having it as my guest chair. :)