October 23, 2011

Open House, Everyone Welcome [Fall]

Thank goodness for the idea of opening your house to anyone who may want to see it in hopes of snagging the perfect buyer. We hosted our first open house today. While the folks that visited may not be ideal buyers {they're really just looking, but not seriously yet} it did give us some satisfaction that YES, there are people looking to buy houses out there.

The bonuses of open house day, the sounds and smells of our house! We simmered a mix of mulling spices, apple slices and cinnamon and had light classical music playing in the background.....if that didn't feel like fall, I don't know what would. One visitor told me as she was leaving, "your home is just so cozy" - maybe we do know what we're doing!

Additionally, the family stayed in the backyard all afternoon just enjoying the fabulous weather. My house has never been cleaner or stayed tidier for such a long period of time since we decided to take on selling it. It is amazing how much more free time I have now that I don't have to spend a good half day or more cleaning and scrubbing on the weekend. Ahhhh......maybe these changes will turn into habits and carry over to the next place. I guess we'll see.

And yes, I think simmering the spices is going to be a regular thing....I mean, why not have your house smell and feel fall cozy all season long?

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