August 15, 2011

DIY Should Be DEY For Us

I'm pretty sure most DIY'ers would agree that you don't always do some things do everything yourself. I happen to be married to a jack-of-all-trades and this post isn't about furniture or home renovations, but an automotive project. You just never know what you're going to find here. Jason is a regular shade tree mechanic and loves cars and doing car truck stuff. I'm just so impressed that I thought this DIY project was worthy of a little attention.

Anyone who owns a truck is familiar with bed liners ~ a protective coating in the bed of a truck that prevents scratching, rusting and dents. Plus, they make the truck look better. Truck beds without liners look nekkid to me.

Now, sometimes you can have the dealership spray a liner as part of the purchase deal, or you can go to a auto shop that specializes in customization and have them do it, however, you're looking at about $400 easy. We're cheap. Jason bought a DIY kit for $50 and recruited a buddy for a "fun" Saturday project.

They removed bed bolts, taped and masked, sanded (messy), poured sweat (hot & humid), prepared the liner {it's basically a mix of poly coating and rubber granules that form a tough finish}, stopped for lunch, then rolled on the liner. It took three coats. Thanks goodness they taped because Jason is a MESSY painter!

Voila! Brand new bed liner that cost $50 and a day. That's some Do-It-Yourself goodness right there.

Hats off to my handy guy and a special thanks to Charlie for donating his day to help and his kid for a great day of play!

Thanks for reading!!

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