September 10, 2011

Kitchen Updates [Red Shelf]

This little project has been in the works since our Anniversary trip to the mountains at the end of July! I had been on the hunt for some sort of shelf deep enough to hold cookbooks with ease, but that could be mounted on the wall. At the time we had an ugly, beat-up dry erase board in the kitchen that was yearning for the trash can and I knew that space would be ideal for a fix-up. Unfortunately, I didn't get a before pic of the space.

Here's the shelf before we added our flare:
It is solid wood and heavy. The drawers are great little niches for hiding things I need to hang on to, but don't want seen.

Here's the shelf now:

It matches the door we painted Labor Day Weekend.

I also had pens, scissors, tape, coupons and little bits and pieces that I need to store but keep in sight. This is what we added below the shelf and above the counter.
It's just two decorative cup hooks holding a metal rod and s-hooks (all picked-up at Lowe's) holding the white buckets that came from the $1 bin at Target.

Nice, clean and organized!! Now, to keep that counter clear of all clutter that seems to materialize from nowhere.