September 5, 2011

Labor Day Weekend Projects [Painted Doors]

We hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend. We were BUSY! We had a lot of projects we wanted to get done, but we only accomplished a few. After all, there were regular chores, errands to run and movies to watch.

Our two main To Do's we turned in to To Done's was painting our inside front door and inside kitchen door. How did we do?

The front door has been a dingy white since we bought our house 6 years ago. It was time for an update.We did run into a few snags. These doors are metal so they don't paint as easily as wood. We also started with a foam roller which left tiny air bubbles that created a rougher finish. Multiple coats later it's a refreshing change.



We also updated our kitchen/garage door. It's a tad more......shocking. I LOVE it!!! Jason isn't sold. Alas, it will all come together once our table is completed and I pull in all my new decor ideas.


[Note from Jason: "I really don't like painting and I hate painting in red!] Red is a tough color. It tends to show these run marks and it takes a zillion coats to look good and even. However, despite the pain it's a great fun color that really makes a statement.


Sorry for the bad pic :( - it's definitely better in person.
I plan to paint the outside of this door at some point. It really looks rough. I'll probably go with a gray. One  projects ALWAYS leads to another. 

What projects did you tackle with an extra day?

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  1. Tracy Turner6/9/11

    Doors look great!! I have experience painting with red! The trick is to paint it dark grey or black first. Red will not cover white very well but it will cover dark colors and they don't show through! I have painted two rooms red. Brick red :) This summer I started our front door. Its still a mess. C'est la vie. We have bigger fish to fry right now :(